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2020 Rodeo Season

COVID19 Safety Measures


The Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo Board of Directors is moving forward with our trademark community celebration and rodeo events, with a parade on August 1st and rodeo from August 5th through August 8th, 2020. Our intent is to conduct the traditional events we have put on for the past 68 years and allow supporters and fans to participate at the level they feel comfortable.

We acknowledge that additional safety and sanitation measures will be necessary in order to facilitate public participation, and in good faith intend to work with County and State entities to make sure we are following a best practices protocol. The Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo Board of Directors intends to move forward with appropriate planning, of which public safety will be the top priority.

The Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo Board of Directors is also focused on the economic health and viability of our community. This event has a $6 million economic impact on our community each year. Cancelling this event would have a negative impact on the lives and livelihoods of our friends and neighbors.

As part of our extensive planning and preparations, we have developed a three-stage focus for the 2020 rodeo event and beyond.

1. Protect the health of our volunteers, participants and community
2.Support the community through the donation of generated event revenues back into our area non-profits so they can continue to make a difference for so many
3.Preserve tradition of this 68-year rodeo event that has epitomized community spirit and volunteerism, while safeguarding the health of everyone involved

Following is a list of areas of high focus for sanitizing protocols, social distancing and provisions for keeping everyone as safe as possible.


Infection Mitigation Coordinator – a new position is created to develop and review health and safety plans for the facilities and will provide on-site guidance to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmissions. This position will coordinate his efforts with Scott County health officials (bringing in as many people as we can to make it a true community and county effort)

Sanitizing the Venue – All high-touch areas will be sanitized regularly as soon as vendors begin loading in equipment and product. This includes, but is not limited to,

  • Public areas as the beverage stations, food service vending, dining areas
  • Handrails, tables and chairs, point of sale terminals and ATMs
  • Door handles, push plates, water fountains
  • Trash receptacles, restrooms, meeting rooms and offices
  • Light switches, coolers, staging areas, break areas
  • Any surface area where there is a high-touch concentration

Dedicated protocols for worker health and hygiene

  • Proper training and social distancing where possible
  • Proper training for usage of gloves and masks
  • Proper equipment and supplies
  • Additional support and protective equipment as needed
  • Temperature checking, handwashing rules, disinfecting high-touch surfaces

Merchandise Vendor Guidance

  • Display items behind counter; no trying on merchandise prior to purchase
  • Contactless payment system
  • Final sale – no refunds or exchanges permitted
  • Social distancing lines

Box Office Protocol

  • Protective window pane
  • Personnel should wear face masks and protective gloves
  • Personnel will wipe customer windows, tables, doors, etc. with approved solution

Event Entry

  • While this is still being determined, there will be social distancing guides at entry
  • There may be additional entry gates created to reduce traffic flow to more areas
  • Certain screening measures may be implemented as the direction of the Infection Mitigation Coordinator
  • Entry scanner personnel will wear protective masks and gloves
  • Bag checks will still be enforced
  • Sanitizer stations will be located at the entry points
  • Ushers will wear protective equipment


  • Menus will be posted on the building walls
  • Food will be provided to patrons with as little contact as possible
  • Partitions, where practical such as at registers, will be installed
  • Point of sale terminals will be sanitized as often as possible

Bar Area / Hospitality Areas

  • Frequent sanitization with an approved solution will be implemented
  • Furniture will be positioned to accommodate social distancing where possible
  • Utensils will be individually packaged
  • Bottled beverages will be utilized wherever possible
  • All high-touch areas will receive frequent sanitation with an approved solution
  • Additional handwashing stations where applicable

Contestant Guidance

We are following the PRCA-developed COVID-19 guidelines to provide our members and committees the opportunity to rodeo. Every rodeo is unique and therefore no “one-size-fits-all” roadmap to success exists. It is important that we maintain standards to protect all members and fans of the sport through social distancing guidelines and continued sanitizing efforts. We have established these guidelines from physicians and health department recommendations. By applying basic infection control principles to each situation, the risk of disease spread can be diminished. The PRCA’s focus is to have our people work together in regulating rodeos for the betterment of our communities and providing our members a livelihood.

The precautions listed below are the recommendation guidelines provided by PRCA and the Sikeston Jaycee organization will implement as many as possible to provide a safe environment for all involved.

1. COVID-19 Symptoms, Social Distancing, and Stay Safe 1.1. If members are experiencing flu-like and COVID-type symptoms, please do not participate and leave the rodeo grounds to protect the health of all PRCA members. 1.1.1. Flu symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, muscle/body aches, headaches, and fatigue. 1.1.2. COVID-19 symptoms: fever, tiredness, dry cough. Some people may experience aches/pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and diarrhea. 1.2. It is important to maintain social distancing and health requirements for the protection of contestants, stock contractors, contract personnel, rodeo committee personnel, volunteers, and fans. 1.3. Individuals should not congregate in groups larger than 10 individuals at any given time. 1.3.1. Safe distance of at least six feet apart is preferred. 1.4. Rodeo office should provide at least six-foot distancing for any check-ins. 1.5. Rodeo office personnel should wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth or have a protective window separating contestants and rodeo committee personnel. 1.6. Rodeo Committees and contract personnel should minimize and limit the exchange of items between contestants. 1.7. Rodeo Committees should provide sanitizing wipes and/or sanitize entry and exit points of rodeo office regularly. It is recommended to leave doors open during check-in periods. 1.8. Any and all meetings for the rodeo should observe a safe distance of at least six feet

2. Rodeo Secretary 2.1. All entry fees are paid through the PRCA. 2.2. Rodeo Secretary will not handle any cash or checks. 2.3. Rodeo Secretary shall work with only one PRCA contestant or Rodeo Committee personnel at any time. 2.3.1. Six feet markings will be placed on the ground to follow social distancing standards. 2.4. Rodeo Secretary shall minimize contact and exchange of items with contestant, stock contractors and contract personnel. 2.5. All draws will be posted outside of the secretary’s office and online. No contestants allowed in the rodeo secretary office. 2.6. Rodeo Committee should try to provide a barrier (glass or plexiglass pane) for interaction with PRCA members. 2.6.1. If no barrier, Rodeo Secretary and PRCA member/Rodeo Committee personnel shall wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth. 2.7. Rodeo Secretary shall be provided sanitizing spray or wipes to protect themselves and members.

2.8. Rodeo draw personnel (judges, secretary, timers, etc.) shall wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to entry and wear face masks covering the nose and mouth and after draw is completed. 2.9. Secretary to provide judges’ draw sheets for riding and timed events to PRCA to be posted on www.prorodeo.com.

3. Riding Events 3.1. Social distancing for riding event contestants and stock contractors is imperative for the rodeo. All personnel on the chutes, except for the contestant, shall be required to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth. 3.2. The back of the bucking chutes is limited to essential personnel only. This requirement is to protect the safety and health of all individuals involved. 3.2.1. Non-essential rodeo personnel are not permitted in and around the chutes. Essential personnel include, but not be limited to, contestant, helper, flank man, judge, gatemen, chute boss, neck rope man, TV production, head man. Any person not listed above and not physically helping the contestant and animal to exit the chute should be considered non-essential. 3.3. Each contestant shall be allowed one helper, who is responsible for safety and rope pulling. 3.4. Stock Contractor should provide one flank man per delivery side of the bucking chutes. 3.5. One back judge per side of the chute, if applicable. 3.6. Contestants will be staged per the number of available chutes, respecting the social distance of members. Rodeo Committee to provide warm-up areas to stage riding event contestants, limiting congestion on the bucking chutes to follow social distancing recommendations. Staging areas should be sufficient to allow for social distancing guidelines (groups of 10 or less). 3.6.1. Contestants and helpers in warm-up areas should wear a face mask over the nose and mouth. As soon as a contestant’s animal is loaded into the bucking chute, he and his helper should be on the chute, following the chute boss’s directions concerning cinching and rolling. 3.7. Pick-up men, bullfighters and barrelmen should have ready access to disinfectant spray during riding events to wipe themselves down as necessary. 3.8. At the end of the ride, the contestant shall exit the arena to the stripping chute. Contestants will gather any equipment and return to their vehicle and not linger, unless serving as a helper for an upcoming contestant. You can stay as long as social distancing guidelines are followed.

4. Timed Events 4.1. Contestants shall not congregate in groups larger than 10 people and follow social distancing guidelines. Contestants should wear face masks covering nose and mouth when not competing. 4.2. All timed event personnel, including pens, should wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth. Please adhere to local/county/state health department rules. 4.3. All contestants should practice safe distancing and line up accordingly. 4.3.1. Contestants should not have their horses side-by-side unless a safe distance can be maintained. 4.3.2. The next two contestants can help him if he needs it and will also be able to watch the start. 4.4. List out timed event personnel 4.4.1. Personnel allowed in the timed-event boxes. Contestant, hazer, chute boss, pusher, head man, next two contestants may be in the box to help the current contestant and to watch the start.

4.5.2. Contestants enter the arena when called upon. 4.6. Steer Wrestling 4.6.1. Contestants and hazer may enter the arena at the same time. 4.6.2. Only two hazers allowed in the arena. A hazer may only be in the arena for the contestant for which he is hazing, he has hazed the steer immediately before the current contestant and he is the hazer for the contestant immediately after the current contestant. Hazer shall keep additional horses inside the arena to the left of the roping chute, if necessary. 4.6.3. Contestants should not congregate near entry and exit gates. Rodeo Committee to designate a waiting area for contestants following social distancing guidelines and if six feet separation is not possible, contestants are required to wear face masks covering the nose and mouth. 4.7. Tie-Down Roping, Team Roping, Barrel Racing and Break Away Roping 4.7.1. Contestant shall follow social distancing guidelines.

5. Judges 5.1. Judges shall wear face masks covering nose and mouth.

6. Announcers, Secretary, Timer(s), Sound, Scoreboard Personnel 6.1. The announcer stand (tables, seats, microphones, scoreboard, sound boards, etc.) shall be wiped down before and after each performance with a sanitized solution of bleach and water. 6.2. If possible, provide at least six feet of distance between personnel and mark accordingly. 6.3. Contract personnel, excluding announcer(s), should wear face masks over the nose and mouth if within six feet of other personnel. 6.4. Limit access of personnel to announcer stand during all performances.

7. Specialty Acts 7.1. Any acts requiring additional individuals for their act should not use any fans. 7.2. Acts should not enter spectator seating to minimize any chance of contracting COVID-19.

PRCA Rodeo Committee COVID-19 Guidelines 1. General Strategies 1.1. Physical barriers and physical distancing are your best lines of defense. 1.2. Limit physical contact to the greatest extent possible.

2. Flags and Additional Local Events 2.1. All flag poles and flags shall be wiped down prior and after all uses. 2.2. All flag personnel should maintain social distancing of at least six feet leading into, during and after any flag ceremony. Flag personnel should wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth. 2.3. All flag presentation of colors shall maintain at least six feet of distance for the national anthem(s).

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